Fuel and lubricants for homes and businesses

Great value fuels, home heating oil, lubricants & Coal

from Cloverhill Fuels

Cloverhill Fuels Ltd are a family run business based in Maghera offering a comprehensive fuel supply service. At Cloverhill Fuels Ltd, our aim is to meet the fuel and lubricant needs of all sectors, including domestic, manufacturing and agricultural.

Our products and services include: Heating Oil, Gas oil, Road Fuel. We also have lubricating oil, oil watchman and storage tanks available for purchase.

You can also bring your own oil drums and fill them with Road Derv, Gas Oil and Kerosene available onsite.

We have a mini tanker service available we can also arrange a regular top up service, so you never have to worry about running out of oil again.

Monthly payment plans are available to save towards your next delivery availing of the Direct Debit scheme or Paypoint scheme (available at most retail outlets)